Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coral Bay

Coral Bay's a funny place. Miles from anywhere, sandwiched between the desert and ocean, you suddenly find this crowded little tourist resort. 20 years agp when it was just a few people camping I reckon it would have been magic- but having to scramble just to find a campsite (and bear in mind there's 2 caravan parks plus a whole bunch of beach campsites out of town) kinda spoils the atmos a bit. The weather's still a bit unsettled too, making snorkelling a bit unattractive due to the wind- although diving is a different story thankfully. We book a trip get in a couple of nice, although unspectacular dives, however its nice just to be back underwater! However the real buzz comes in between the dives when we get the chance to swim with some manta rays- neither of us have seen them before, and watching them feed from just a few metres away is brilliant.

A final bonus on the way home is when we spot a dugong- mmm, sea beef!

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