Thursday, August 6, 2009

North from Perth.... prangs, papists and pinnacles

After a couple of days in Perth we headed North. The good weather we'd had for the last few days unfortunately packed it in, although the monastic community at New Norcia wasn't a bad place to visit on a rainy day. Anyone who knows me knows I'm far from religious, but it was an interesting place none the less, although rather moribund these days; the schools have all closed and only 5 monks continue the traditional monastic life, with the community's farms being maintained by local lay staff.

We headed up the coast to Cervantes and the Pinnacles, where the weather still wasn't playing ball, but the Pinnacles were still worth a visit.

Unfortunately a careless bit of reversing in the caravan park resulted in a bent tie rod arm in the Subaru, leaving it driveable, but throwing the wheel alignment way out and causing it to start eating through the front tyres. We managed to limp as far as Geraldton Stopping on the way to snap the pic below at Port Denison) but didn't want to go any further to save from wrecking the tyres, meaning we had and unscheduled 3 day stop there waiting for the car to be fixed (as luck would have it the damage occurred on Friday afternoon, and couldn't be fixed til Monday!) Again the weather fined up when we didn't really need it too, although it was pleasant enough hanging around the caravan park for a couple of days, and more than pleasant spending a night at a nice motel (complete with in room spa) when I realised we could claim accommodation expenses from our car insurance whilst waiting for the repairs to be completed!

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