Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 11: South Western Victoria

A pretty cruisy day today, the campsite is pretty damp and dewy in the morning so we let the sun dry things out a little before hitting the road. We stop at a lavender farm where the owner has two  very entertaining dogs. I briefly consider stealing one of them... a dog would make this trip even better. We pull into Portland and check out the Maritime museum, which is good value and pretty interesting before heading out to the cape where thankfully you don't have to pay to walk around near the lighthouse. On the way we pass a windfarm which provides a rather ironic sight-


We then head into the Glenelg River National Park which turns out to have some more fantastic campsites, so we pitch camp for the night. Someone else has carelessly left a fire burning, which suits us fine as we stoke it up to ward off the cold.

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