Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day Four: East Gippsland

F**k me it's cold here! I suspect I know why this isn't a caravan park any more... it must've been below freezing last night, it's 4 degrees at 7am and thats only because it's clouded over. I've decided we need another blanket...
Thawed out and hit the road, looks like NSW has held onto the perfect weather as it's chilly and blowy today. We stop for a fairly underwhelming rainforest walk in the National Park and head on, until I decide I want a look at the coastline and we head down to Cape Conran. The wind is pretty fierce but the scenery is beautiful none the less- it'd be a nice spot here in summer, although you'd be suicidal to launch a boat off the ramp here today!

We keep heading west and reach the mouth of the Snowy at Frenchs Narrows, an interesting spot but time is against us a bit, so we keep driving, stopping at Orbost for lunch, then at Bairnsdale for that extra blanket- a heavy coarse wool Italian thing that smells vaguely of diesel, but more importantly is cheap and warm! We stop for the night at Stratford (on the  Avon no less), which provides another beautiful sunset, although the wind is blowing pretty fiercely.

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