Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 13 Naracoorte to the Coorong

The wind's got up something fierce in the night, top the point where Shandos decides to sleep in the car- I can't be arsed moving so stay in the tent, which proves to withstand the wind without any drama. We're woken by a gorgeous sunrise and the wind provides one benefit in that it thoroughly dries the tent out.

We take a tour of the caves, which are interesting if you're the sort who like natural history, fossils etc (we are).

Then we hit the road toward the coast. This part of SA is wide, flat and mostly empty, and the reason for the 110km/h speed limit in these parts quickly becomes clear- it would take too long to get anywhere otherwise. The wind is still pretty fierce and bounces the car around a little, and is still blowing a gale in Robe where we stop for lunch. Like most coastal towns around these parts the place seems pretty much closed for winter- which makes me wonder what the hell the two Red Bull promo girls who pull up next to us in their Mini are doing here!

We duck into a nice old pub for a beer where the owners kid has the run of the place much to our amusement. We then head north to Kingston, which seems a pretty underwhelming place apart from the big lobster (which is up for sale, any takers?) Real lobsters are unfortunately out of season, and at $50 each we pass on cray for lunch and opt for fish and chips instead.

We head on North, debating whether to brave the wind and camp or wus out and get a room or cabin, finally deciding to pitch the tent when we find a reasonably sheltered spot at the south end of the Coorong, where we pitch camp then drive to the top on the dunes just in time to catch the sunset over the ocean. The wind appears to be dropping off, and life's good....

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