Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 21 Port Augusta region (Wide Land is WIIIIDDDEEE)

Today I realise that when I named this blog I really had no idea how appropriate the name was. out here the sheer size of the landscape hits you- you can see for maybe 50km in every direction, and the ranges looming over the arid saltbrush plains are starkly beautiful.


Even the heavy industry which provides the reason for these towns existence (power stations in Port Augusta, steel mills and petrochemical plants at Whyalla) somehow seems to fit the landscape. The roads are flat, long and straight- I just dial in 115km/h on the cruise control and watch the kms roll past. We stop at Whyalla, where I'll finally get to do some diving tomorrow, and luckily enough it's cuttlefish season. There';s also a big speedway meet on tonight in town and I consider reliving my bogan teenage years and heading out to the track, but in the end we take the lazy option of sitting around the campsite with a drink.

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