Sunday, June 21, 2009

Days 27-28: Esperance

Spent the last couple of days in Esperance, which has sadly been a bit of a let-down. Was really hoping to get some diving in here but the local dive operator seems pretty disinterested in helping to line anything up as business is quiet and he won't get the numbers on his boat to make things profitable. It's really frustrating as the water looks amazing.

The weather has packed it in a bit too- squally rain on and off and pretty chilly, although a drive round the coast is still spectacular, and the rain does provide a couple of nice rainbows!

Head out to the pub for some entertainment and it turns out to be karaoke night which is unintentionally hilarious, gotta love the old aboriginal guy who can't speak coherently but can somehow still hold a tune better than most of the other punters!

Took a boat trip out to Woody Island, which was great for the first half, checking out the seals, sea lions and sea eagles from close up to the boat. But the rain closes in when we reach the island, and the trip back is pretty bumpy, and I'm feeling pretty green by the time we get back.

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