Sunday, June 21, 2009

days 26-27: The Nullabor (long road is LONG, straight road is STRAIGHT, dead camel is DEAD)

1200km of f**k-all. Well almost. two days of basically driving in a straight line could get pretty boring, but thankfully the haul across the Nullabor has been pretty spectacular, although the second day got a bit dull, especially the 146 km of dead straight road from Caiguna to Balladonia (that's basically like driving from Auckland to Hamilton without a single bend!!).

On the first day we stopped at Head of Bight to check out the whales, and could see approaching rainstorms on the horizon.

We start running into the rain near the Bunda cliffs- proving some memorable rainbows and a spectacular sunset through the desert rainstorms.

Stopped for the night in Eucla and checked out the ruins of the old telegraph station before pressing on to Norseman.

It's incredible to think that in all that region, Eucla (population 50) is the largest town, apart from a couple of small Aboriginal communities off the highway. There's certainly wildlife around though- roos (mostly dead) wedge-tailed eagles (feasting on aforementioned dead roos) and a very large dead camel- I hope it was a road train that hit it, because any other vehicle would have been seriously mangled by that thing....

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