Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 20 The Clare Valley to Baroota

Bloody freezing again this morning- luckily at least most of the wineries around here have fireplaces. We visit a couple more that are probably more memorable for their general ambience that the wine, including the Jesuit-run Sevenhills winery with it's underground cellars.

 We hit the vino jackpod with Tim Adams wines- the winemaker himself is there to chat about his operation, and the wines (particularly the whites) are superb- we promptly blow the rest of our booze budget on the spot, and would have bought several more had space permitted. I check out the Enterprise Lager at Knapstein too, and while it's pretty good, I decide I'm really more into ales than lagers these days. 

We check out the view from a nearby lookout, but it's still bloody cold- (the temperature at 2 o'clock is till only about 11 degrees) and not fancying another freezing night we decide to hit the road and head for the coast. Just before Port Pirie the landscape changes, with the rolling farmland giving way to flat coastal plains and saltbrush. We camp for the night at the Baroota Rodeo ground.

The recent rain seems to have awoken a horde of mosquitos- but it's a nice spot none the less, and most importantly it isn't freezing cold.

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