Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 15 The Adelaide Hills

Spend the morning cruising around the wineries here, as well as visiting a chocolate factory- all this wine, meat and chocolates making me even fatter. In the arvo I check out the National motor museum, which is a petrolhead's paradise- but as well as the obligatory GTHO Phase III Falcons and A9X Toranas, there's plenty of other quirkier motoring oddities such as:

The Sinclair C5 (which makes it fairly obvious why Sir Clive Sinclair should have stuck to computers), and;

The mighty Datsun 120Y (our first family car, and completely indestructible (until rust got to it)!)

We head back through the Torrens gorge, a spectacular if windy road, and finish off with a drive up to the summit of Mt Lofty, where the clouds part and give us a nice view of the city at dusk.

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