Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 23 Port Lincoln and Coffin Bay

Another beautiful day this morning, and we go for a nit of a walk to check out the beach in daylight properly. This was once a bustling little wharf, but not much left of it now except for a the stumps of a few pylons.

Heading down to Port Lincoln, the countryside keeps getting greener and more settled looking- it's more like NZ or the NSW South Coast than the arid landscape 200km north of here. Port Lincoln looks like a nice enough town but apart from shark cage diving (out of my budget at $450) there's not too much here that we want to do, so we head across to Coffin Bay to check out the national park and find a camp spot. The national park is spectacular, all bush clad dunes and limestone cliffs dropping into turquoise ocean.

We head into the park on a 4WD trail and just as we doubt that we'll find a campsite we arrive at Black Springs, easily the most beautiful spot we've camped at yet. The harbour is glassy flat and roos and emus wander about the campsite. We decide it's such a nice spot that we'll hang around for a couple of days and relax.

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