Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 17 Beeeeeeeeer!

This has to be one of the best days in the history of ever. However on thing stops it from being perfect. I've decided I want a pie floater for lunch. But can I find one? Unfortunately then seem to be about as common as the northern hairy nosed wombat these days, which is a disgrace considering that they're supposed to be Adelaide's fast food icon, and are mentioned in all the tourist literature. Adelaide, you're losing your  soul!

Happily though Adelaide's other icon is thriving. I take a tour of the Coopers Brewery which I reckon is up there with Mecca and Lourdes in the pilgrimage stakes. I'm surprised to find out that the entire brewery is self sufficient in power and water- they generate all their own electricity on site in a steam co-generation plant, and actually put up to 75% of it back into the national grid! Plus all of the water is pulled from an aquifer 150m below the brewery, rather than using the town water supply of Murray River water. Drink Coopers, delicious AND environmentally responsible!

The Gates of Heaven open....

I then head down to Port Adelaide to the Port Dock Brewery to sample their range, where the stout is particularly impressive.

The day gets even better wen we meet up with Shandos' sister who's in town on business. The only hotel room she's been able to book turns out to be a two bedroom apartment, so she had a spare room for the night- so we promptly head back and pack up the tent and take advantage of some unexpected luxury. To cap the evening off we get a phone call from home telling us that my drivers license arrived in the mail from Hahndorf, where I'd obviously dropped in in a smallgoods shop- not only are their sausages great but their service is awesome too. As I said, best day ever... or damn close to it.

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